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Inorganic Chemistry -compare every offer

James E. Huheey (?):

Inorganic Chemistry (1983) (?)

ISBN: 9789971470449 (?) or 9971470446, unknown language, 3. Edition, Longman Higher Education, Paperback, Used

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From Seller/Antiquarian, Ballard Books
paperback, Ausgabe: 3rd, Label: Longman Higher Education, Longman Higher Education, Produktgruppe: Book, Publiziert: 1983, Studio: Longman Higher Education
Platform order number bwpvHx5qYQn9d0IFMWAf3kDXliNrFZ Kfzdqv5bockfkHkHzZN9haSi23xaaZ ELMO5wrjXzQrEEOFJAHyBkCi2mLXis %2BmGWTcg5%2FQYJpN5HrFrqejMrmN LqhxOd0Ky2MA%2BXinKYqp%2F4meH7 miURNkc1ITW5pkS1k%2B
Keywords: Books, Science & Math, Chemistry, Inorganic
Data from 12/22/2016 07:20h
ISBN (alternative notations): 9971-4-7044-6, 978-9971-4-7044-9


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