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9789814033466 - Nilsson: Artificial Intelligence: A New Synthesis - Book
Nilsson (?):

Artificial Intelligence: A New Synthesis (1998) (?)

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ISBN: 9789814033466 (?) or 9814033464, in english, Cbs Pubs Dists (rs ), Paperback, New

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Intelligent agents are employed as the central characters in this new introductory text. Beginning with elementary reactive agents, Nilsson gradually increases their cognitive horsepower to illustrate the most important and lasting ideas in Al. Neural networks, genetic programming, computer vision, heuristic search, knowledge representation and reasoning, Bayes networks, planning, and language understanding are each revealed through the growing capabilities of these agents. The book provides a refreshing and motivating new synthesis of the field by one of Al's master expositors and leading researchers. Artificial Intelligence: A New Synthesis takes the reader on a complete tour of this intriguing new world of Al. Features: An evolutionary approach as a unifying theme, Thorough coverage of important Al ideas, old and new, Frequent use of examples and illustrative diagrams, Extensive coverage of machine learning methods throughout the text Citations to over 500 references and a Comprehensive index. paperback, Label: Cbs Pubs Dists (rs ), Cbs Pubs Dists (rs ), Produktgruppe: Book, Publiziert: 1998, Studio: Cbs Pubs Dists (rs )
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