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9789814032681 - John Baptist Crasta: Eaten by the Japanese
John Baptist Crasta (?):

Eaten by the Japanese (1999) (?)

ISBN: 9789814032681 (?) or 9814032689, in english, 102 pages, Raffles, Paperback, Used

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From Seller/Antiquarian, Cortezhill
When John Baptist Crasta, a small-town Indian soldier employed in the imperial British Army in 1940, was posted to the swinging port of Singapore, he was overjoyed. Little did he know what fate had in store for him. Here, through the eyes of a simple, high-school- educated soldier and survivor, in readable and moving prose, is the untold story of thousands of Indians who fought for the British, for America, for freedom. Captured by the Japanese, tortured, starved, and occasionally eaten for dinner, they are the forgotten warriors, the Unknown Soldiers, the Invisible Men of the Second World War. At last, their story has been made public, 52 years after one of them wrote it, making him, at 88, perhaps the oldest first-time author in Indian history. paperback, Label: Raffles, Raffles, Produktgruppe: Book, Publiziert: 1999, Studio: Raffles
Platform order number 0J913Jlq0gQ3tRmhKUGTAaT71ARaZ9 JSa8cO%2FgwvEpyPHEsvoxK26%2FRt r5aP12t9U44vnjzftTXX3LMN7IMsZm v0SF7u14ZvEZrR63auRT4xSfFy%2FG 5xLfwGIlEdkrspYn5%2BZF8MlW4cs7 eGsYJe8A%3D%3D
Keywords: Afghan War, Aviation, Canada, Intelligence & Espionage, Iraq War, Korean War, Life & Institutions, Napoleonic Wars, Naval, Pictorials, Prisoners of War, Regiments, Strategy, Uniforms, United States, Vietnam War, War of 1812, Weapons & Warfare, World War I, World War II, Books, History, Military
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ISBN (alternative notations): 981-4032-68-9, 978-981-4032-68-1


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