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9789813228863 - John Ng: Unleashing the Greatness in You - Book
John Ng (?):

Unleashing the Greatness in You (2017) (?)

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ISBN: 9789813228863 (?) or 9813228865, in english, WS PROFESSIONAL, WS PROFESSIONAL, WS PROFESSIONAL, New, ebook, digital download

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>You can be Great. No matter what your background is or what failures you've experienced, you can achieve greatness. That is the main thrust of this book. The author, Dr John Ng, is Chief Passionary Officer of Meta Consulting, and draws on years of extensive interviews with thought leaders across the region and his astute observations, personal experiences, careful analysis and synthesis of research, to present a concise guide to the power of self-leadership. Having coached and supported many individuals to become the best that they can be, John now shares his knowledge and experience with the simple aim of helping readers unlock their own potential and turn their dreams into reality. Filled with real-world examples of people who have succeeded against all odds, heroes and super stars who allowed themselves to be derailed, and leaders who are epitomes of greatness, this book is a vital resource for readers who wish to take the initial steps on the road to success. As John writes, "This book will change your life." Readers will be taught to discover their own greatness through their changed perspectives, realigned values, and personal commitment, with specific action steps along the way to guide them towards achieving their goals. The first of a three-volume series on leadership, this volume on the power of self-leadership is a 'must-read' for anyone seeking to transform themselves into successful individuals. ->Contents: PreambleYou Can Be Great! (What You Must Digest)What is Greatness? (What You Must Comprehend):What is Greatness? The Ten Ingredients of GreatnessUnlocking the Greatness in You: The Five Keys to GreatnessHow Greatness Can Escape You: Ten Ways You Can Be Derailed (What You Must Avoid):How You Can Deceive Yourself: The Deceitfulness of Self-DeceptionHow You Can be Choked by Societal Values: The Molding of Moral DecayHow You Can Love the Dark Side of Success: The Subtlety of SuccessHow You Can Ignore Your Weaknesses: The Web of WeaknessHow You Can Become
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Category: Career Planning & Job Hunting
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ISBN (alternative notations): 981-322-886-5, 978-981-322-886-3
9789813228863 - John Ng: Unleashing the Greatness in You: The Power of Self-Leadership - Book
John Ng (?):

Unleashing the Greatness in You: The Power of Self-Leadership (?)

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ISBN: 9789813228863 (?) or 9813228865, unknown language, World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated, New, ebook

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Unleashing-The-Greatness-In-You~~John-Swee-Kheng-Ng, Unleashing the Greatness in You: The Power of Self-Leadership, NOOK Book (eBook)
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Seller order number: 9789813228863
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Category: Business>Management>Mgt/Leadership
Data from 09/02/2017 12:43h
ISBN (alternative notations): 981-322-886-5, 978-981-322-886-3