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Sports Nation: Contemporary American Professional Organizations:
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9789813225534 - Frank P, Jr Jozsa Jr: Sports Nation: Contemporary American Professional Organizations - Book
Frank P, Jr Jozsa Jr (?):

Sports Nation: Contemporary American Professional Organizations (?)

ISBN: 9789813225534 (?) or 981322553X, unknown language, World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated, New, ebook

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Sports-Nation~~Frank-P-Jr-Jozsa-Jr, Sports Nation: Contemporary American Professional Organizations, NOOK Book (eBook)
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Seller order number: 9789813225534
Platform order number (Nook): bnn-9789813225534
Category: Business>Business Profiles>Busn Profiles
Data from 10/03/2017 06:08h
ISBN (alternative notations): 981-322-553-X, 978-981-322-553-4
9789813225534 - Frank P Jozsa Jr: Sports Nation - Book
Frank P Jozsa Jr (?):

Sports Nation (2017) (?)

ISBN: 9789813225534 (?) or 981322553X, in english, WSPC, WSPC, WSPC, New, ebook, digital download

SGD 107.76 (C$ 100.19)¹(free shipping, without obligation)
From Seller/Antiquarian
>The book focuses on, identifies, and analyzes various divisions and conferences of four professional sports leagues and their teams' historical regular season and postseason performances, and also provides a recent financial profile of them while being competitive, profitable or unprofitable, and well-known enterprises. The parent sports organizations are the American League and National League in Major League Baseball, American Football Conference and National Football Conference in the National Football League, and the Eastern and Western Conference each in the National Basketball Association and National Hockey League. ->Contents: PrefaceAbout the AuthorAcknowledgementsAbbreviationsMajor League Baseball: American LeagueNational LeagueNational Basketball Association: Eastern ConferenceWestern ConferenceNational Football League: American Football ConferenceNational Football ConferenceNational Hockey League: Eastern ConferenceWestern ConferenceConclusionAppendix: TablesBibliographyIndex -> ->Readership: Students and academicians specializing in Sports Business, Sports Economics, Sports Finance, and Sports Management in college and university; prospective owners and executives of franchises in each sport and investors in these organizations; sports leagues' commissioners and their staff; practitioners and college professors who research and teach graduate and undergraduate courses regarding the sports industry; and dedicated sports fans of all ages especially interested in the business, growth, and future of their team. ->Key Features: Includes current, elite, and popular American professional sports organizationsDiscusses each team's development, history, and successReveals sports franchises' market power and their commercial value and net worth among others in the industry
Seller order number: 997cbf8f-2b2e-4af2-9538-b37e79aa0ba0
Platform order number 115249789813225534
Keywords: Sports Nation Frank P Jozsa Jr Business & Finance 9789813225534
Data from 10/03/2017 06:08h
ISBN (alternative notations): 981-322-553-X, 978-981-322-553-4


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