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Financial Mathematics for Actuaries -compare every offer

9789813224698 - Wai-Sum Chan, Yiu-Kuen Tse: Financial Mathematics for Actuaries - Book
Wai-Sum Chan, Yiu-Kuen Tse (?):

Financial Mathematics for Actuaries (2017) (?)

ISBN: 9789813224698 (?) or 981322469X, unknown language, WSPC, WSPC, WSPC, New, ebook, digital download

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>Financial Mathematics for Actuaries is a textbook for students in actuarial science, quantitative finance, financial engineering and quantitative risk management and is designed for a one-semester undergraduate course. Covering the theories of interest rates, with applications to the evaluation of cash flows, the pricing of fixed income securities and the management of bonds, this textbook also contains numerous examples and exercises and extensive coverage of various Excel functions for financial calculation. Discussions are linked to real financial market data, such as historical term structure, and traded financial securities. The topics discussed in this book are essential for actuarial science students. They are also useful for students in financial markets, investments and quantitative finance. Students preparing for examinations in financial mathematics with various professional actuarial bodies will also find this book useful for self-study. In this second edition, the recent additions in the learning objectives of the Society of Actuaries Exam FM have been covered. ->Contents: Interest Accumulation and Time Value of MoneyAnnuitiesSpot Rates, Forward Rates and the Term StructureRates of ReturnLoans and Costs of BorrowingBonds and Bond PricingBond Yields and the Term StructureBond ManagementInterest Rates and Financial SecuritiesStochastic Interest Rates -> ->Readership: Undergraduate students in actuarial science, quantitative finance, financial engineering and quantitative risk management, and students taking exams in financial mathematics with professional actuarial bodies. ->
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Keywords: Financial Mathematics for Actuaries Wai-Sum Chan, Yiu-Kuen Tse Business & Finance 9789813224698
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ISBN (alternative notations): 981-322-469-X, 978-981-322-469-8


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