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9789811062551 - Ram U. Verma: Semi-Infinite Fractional Programming (Infosys Science Foundation Series) - Book

Ram U. Verma (?):

Semi-Infinite Fractional Programming (Infosys Science Foundation Series) (2017) (?)

Delivery from: GermanyBook is in english languageThis book is a hardcover book not a paperbackNew bookFirst edition of this book

9789811062551 (?) or 9811062552

, in english, Springer, hardcover, New, first edition
SGD 190.40 ( 117.69)¹ + Shipping: SGD 19.74 ( 12.20)¹ = SGD 210.14 ( 129.89)¹(without obligation)
Noch nicht erschienen.
From Seller/Antiquarian,
Gebundene Ausgabe, Edition: 1st Ed. 2017, Label: Springer, Springer, Product group: Book, Published: 2017-10-29, Studio: Springer
Platform order number (Int.): XggBtE2XTwThl5%2Fu%2FcwMWZYF2XfezBvMpr9iD0FbGOXzC192Mq6Q3liSHqTtRvg4RCJ7ff%2BxmB306K4rgkod6Vci4YuPZ0DAwfPjjxO9Nzs%3D
Keywords: Fremdsprachige Bücher, Business, Karriere & Geld, Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Ökonometrie, Statistik, Theorie, Biomathematik, Computermathematik, Differentialgleichung, Graphentheorie, Lineare Programmierung, Maschinenbau & Technik, Spieltheorie, Vektoranalyse, Wahrscheinlichkeit & Statistik, Wissenschaft, Mathematik, Angewandte Mathematik
Data from 08/02/2017 23:57h
ISBN (alternative notations): 981-10-6255-2, 978-981-10-6255-1


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