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9789811047183 - Shang Yuan Ren: Electronic States in Crystals of Finite Size - Book

Shang Yuan Ren (?):

Electronic States in Crystals of Finite Size (2017) (?)

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9789811047183 (?) or 9811047189

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This book presents an analytical theory of the electronic states in ideal low dimensional systems and finite crystals based on a differential equation theory approach. It provides precise and fundamental understandings on the electronic states in ideal low-dimensional systems and finite crystals, and offers new insights into some of the basic problems in low-dimensional systems, such as the surface states and quantum confinement effects, etc, some of which are quite different from what is traditionally believed in the solid state physics community. Many previous predictions have been confirmed in subsequent investigations by other authors on various relevant problems. In this new edition, the theory is further extended to one-dimensional photonic crystals and phononic crystals, and a general theoretical formalism for investigating the existence and properties of surface states/modes in semi-infinite one-dimensional crystals is developed. In addition, there are various revisions and improvements, including using the Kronig-Penney model to illustrate the analytical theory and make it easier to understand. This book is a valuable resource for solid-state physicists and material scientists.
Category: Other Sciences
Keywords: Electronic States in Crystals of Finite Size Shang Yuan Ren Nanostructures Other Sciences 9789811047183
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ISBN (alternative notations): 981-10-4718-9, 978-981-10-4718-3


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